Project management

Throughout the life cycle of your plant, your equipment wears out. Regular maintenance can delay this proces, but eventually bigger repairs or replacements need to planned. To make sure these projects run as smoothly as possible, our team can assist you in every aspect, from scope to commissioning. 

At we uphold a high standard when implementing prjoects and we strive to be as transparent as possible with our progress in the project.  For all of our projects we apply the Prince2 methodology tailored specifically to your project.

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Turnaround event management

Planning or preparing a turnaround event? provides skille employees ranging from planners & schedulers to (construction) managers or buyers & expediters  to assist you, or assist the team you already have in place. offers other products like plant inspections to optimally compose the scope of your next turnaround event. Together with our partners almost all of the items of the scope can be handeld. Our dedicated project management team makes sure the quality and the delivery of every step of your turnaround event is exactly what you expect.

Turnaround event auditing

Perhaps you have an opportunity to improve your turnaround process? can assist you on auditing and improving your turnaround organisation. offers TA.READINESS, a complete readiness review to make sure you are fully prepared for your turnaround event.

Did your turnaround event already pass and not everything went according to plan? offers TA.AUDIT. With our TA MASTERPLAn blueprint, we investigate all deviations and translate them into recommendations for futher projects. 


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