In need for specialized extra-ordinary support ? is your partner!

Because we are your (temporary) external support partner in all your acid plant needs, we treat all the problems proposed to us as a project:

On time, in scope within budget is how we deliver our support services. Our team will come in and have a lean and mean appporach to support you in the best ways to keep you acid plant running all the time.

Design, engineering, construction, commissioning, testing, start-up, operations, maintenance and repair: througout the complete life-cycle of your plant we are just a phone call away from you.

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 Design & Engineering

Nowadays suphuric acid plants are highly specialized and demanding on design, materials of construction, ... To make this match of right materials, right design and right functionality we offer you research, feasibility, conceptualisation, basic and detailed engineering services for single pieces of equipment or complete plants.

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Construction & Commissioning

After the design & engineering phase we construct your physical assets conform agreed quality levels. Already during our construction phase quality will be incorporated by guiding each discipline accordingly to our inspection and test protocols so each system will be delivered conform our quality plan. 

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 Project- and Turnaround-Mgmt

Greenfield, brownfield or turnaround projects. They all need good project management to guarantee delivery on time, in spec and within the budget. Based on our customized Prince2 methodology model we manage small, medium and large capital and maintenance projects without adding to much overhead costs to your budget.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns Maintenance & Repair works

When into operations your assets will gradually degrade. Maintenance & repair works will be needed to maintain your plant integrity and keep your operations running. Done as regular maintenance or during shutdowns, we can perform for you all specialized services needed. During these works technology suport by our process department is guaranteed.