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Generic Dynamic Plant Simulation Training

As a part of our basic training process we offer you class room training on our generic dynamic acid plant simulator. Operators will be introduced in acid plant fundamentals, based on P&ID's, as well as in acid plant dynamics, on our generic dynamic acid plant simulator.
Both, basic and advanced physical and chemical principles will be explained, trained and experimented. Rules of thumb will be tought as handle for day to day operations. 
All plant sections will be handled in 12 topics devided in 4 training sessions of 3 days.

Customized Dynamic Plant Simulator

Based on the P&ID's of your very own plant and hidden behind screenshots of your DCS screens, we tailor our simulator to give your control room operators the as-is feeling they have in your control room.

Train the regular plant operations, startup and shutdown sequences or even scenario training for emergency shutdowns are possible.

Investing in a customized dynamic plant simulator will help your operators prevent you from time and cash draining emergency shutdowns through a better standard training level.

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Augmented reality for plant operators

While your control room operators are training their skills on the dynamic acid plant simulator, your plant operators can be trained to.

Tags connected to your control devices in the plant can be scanned by handheld switches which dynamically live interact with your plant simulator. Command can be passed through intercom and plant operators can virtually shift control devices that interact with your simulator.

Complete plant operations can be trained this way; even the communicative interaction between control room and plant operators, based on real timing of walking distances to reach the control devices.

Virtual Reality or even Real Reality

Acid plants, ... one thing that you definitely don't want is to much people wandering around in your plant, especially when they aren't familiar with the environment and dangers.

Good thing is that we can train your plant operators with our dynamical model of your 3D environment. Just hand us your CAD drawings and we train your plant operators before they enter the plant.  

Talking about risk reduction, ... !  

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Get a look and feel with our generic simulator

Watch this movie to see how a basic version of our dynamic acid plant simulator reacts on the interactions of the operator.

For pedagogical reasons we don't want to overload the screen layout of this generic simulator. That's why it is developed on PFD level and not on P&ID level.