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.YIELD audits

Each plant has its flaws by which it won't operate at its optimum. One of those flaws can be an increased pressure drop. This would mean production loss in a blower driven plant.

PLANT.YIELD is the independent product we offer to give you an insight about how your plant performs and where optimizations are posible. Furthermore, opting for a CATALYST.SCREENING, performing a PLANT.YIELD-test before and after, will provide you with enough information to determine the inprovement of your screening or catalyst replacement. When you perform a PLANT.YIELD in the run up to a turnaround event, it will be possible to highlight the subjects that you will need to work on.

CONVERTOR.YIELD is a smaller service-product package than the PLANT.YIELD and is focussed on your convertor. The reason for this is offering a leaner product for one of the most important assets in your plant, beingyour convertor catalyst. In a CONVERTOR.YIELD-test, the catalyst reactivity will be examined by us, a supplier independent service provider. This way, it will be possible to determine how much new catalyst you will need to buy to keep your reactor performance upt to par.

PLANT.SCAN: total plant inspection

During cold shutdown, the moment is perfect to perform all inspections needed on your aging assets; to 'scan' your plant.

Visual inspections, externally and most important internally of your process equipment, inspections with focus on reliability and remaining lifetime of your equipment might be standard, but one of the inspections that are often forgotten are the inspections where focus goes to process technology and long term reliability.

This is where PLANT.SCAN can add value to the long term reliability of your plant. A combination of above mentioned inspections performed and summarized in one management report to recommend you in your operations and CAPEX-investments to keep your plant performance maximum for the coming years.

Performing a PLANT.SCAN during your cold shutdown is in this way also your best preparation for your next cold shutdown!

An extra advantage that cannot be neglected is that H2SO4.pm, as an independent sulphuric acid solutions provider and troubleshooter, provides reports that can be used to provide evidence towards your controlling notified body.

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One of the ways to determine what is happening in your plant is to take samples of the deposits you find in your installation. Analyzing these samples can help you with the troubleshooting of the problems facing you. H2SO4.pm can take this sampling out of your hands and perform the entries in the installation for you. We take the samples with us and analyze them for you to advice you in how to act on the problems facing you.

Off course this sampling can be done in addition to the plant inspection.

If you prefer to take your samples yourself, just send them to us for analysis, ...

Hot Entry

Having a problem in your installation or you don't want to run into unforseen conditions during a turnaround event? By performing a hot entry during a warm shutdown, it is possible to gain insights on the internal condition of your absorption and dring tower with the lowest impact on your production budgets. A hot entry minimizes the downtime of your plant while getting information for troubleshooting.

With our experieced team it is possible to level the acid distribution or even perform corrective measures in your installation.

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