Maintenance & Repair works

Once your acid plant is commissioned and started up, the work of its licensor and EPC contractor come to an end and after the warranty period yours begins.

Gradually the degradation of your acid plant will start and it is up to you at what speed this will happen.

The question thus will be: how skilled are you in operating and maintaining your plant?

At  we strive to be your partner for the in operations, maintenance & repair of your plant.

Scroll down to see what services we offer you:

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Catalyst Services

At the heart of your plant sulphurdioxide is converted into sulphurtriode. In time the diatomaceous vanadiumpentoxide catalyst residing in the convertor becomes less active through thermal degradation, dust buildup, decreasing activity of the catalyst itself, poor gas distribution in the catalyst bed, ...

To get your convert yield back to par offers following catalyst services:

  • Measure your convertor or plant yield through our CONVERTOR.YIELD or PLANT.YIELD gas analysis system. This can be done before and after catalyst exchange to check the promises of your catalyst supplier;

  • Unload, screen and load your catalyst during your plant shutdown with our CATALYST.SCREENING service;

  • While screening we can do the CATALYST.ANALYSIS and take a catalyst sample for mechanical (hardness) or chemical (activity and/or XRF) analysis;

  • And with our CATALYST.DISPOSAL service we even take your old catalyst with us, so you're not bothered to get rid of this heavy metal containing garbage;

  • And to really take care of everything, we can supply all brands of catalyst to you, so delivers turn key catalyst projects to you.

Tower works

To absorb your base materials to the max and meet environmental demands, it is important that your tower performance is unequaled. This can only be guaranteed when your tower configuration is perfectly maintained and tuned.

Carbon steel brick lined, stainless steel, pipe distributor, through distributor, high performing distributor, demister pads, hanging/standing demister candles, ... can service all sorts of configurations to keep your towers top notch.

Our TOWER.SERVICES can range through:

  • Repairing membranes, bricks or stainless steels to guard your tower shell;

  • Cleaning, exchanging or renewing packings to have low pressure drop and maximal process gas/acid contact surface;

  • Cleaning, repairing, exchanging or renewing acid distributors to have the best acid distribution as possible with your configuration;

  • Cleaning, exchanging or renewing your demisters elements to prevent acid carry over and damage caused to your downstream equipment;

All these works are supported by our process management department for specialized commissioning and flawless startup.  

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Mechanical Repairs

Besides catalyst services and tower works, there are a lot of other mechanical services and repairs that are needed to keep your plant available for your production team. has a skilled team to handle different sorts of mechanical support through our higly skilled MECHANICAL.SERVICES:

  • Repair, exchange or renewing of gas ducting;

  • Repair, exchange or renewing of acid piping;

  • Repair or renew your convertor support grids during catalyst services;

  • Repair, revision or renew of rotating equipment like blowers, acid pumps, sulphur pumps, boiler feedwater pumps, cooling water pumps;

  • Repair or renew of raw material and utility support systems like sulphur systems, demi-water systems, cooling water systems, steam systems;

  • Repair, revision or renew of other large unit equipments like gas-gas heat exchangers, start-up burners, furnaces, acid coolers, storage tanks, sulphur tanks and -filters, ...

Summarized; also in mechanical services will be your one-stop-shop for all your operational difficulties.